Moving In Procedure For Your Home

It’s essential to note that the move-in procedure is only a cultural belief to argue in abundance rather than Fengshui principles.

  1. Choose an auspicious day and time based on Tong Sheng (the Chinese Almanac), considering the family members’ birth data to ensure harmony.
  2. Ignite charcoal until it glows red in front of the main door at the selected auspicious time, symbolizing success and inviting good luck into the home.
  3. The husband enters first, carrying cash and a rice urn, followed by other family members bearing auspicious items like oranges, red packets with money, and symbolic items like Fatt Choy and abalone. Children carry their school bags.
  4. Everyone should bring necessities for the kitchen and symbolic items like brushes, brooms, and chopsticks.
  5. Open all doors and windows to let chi flow, switch on utilities, and signify the start of energy flow in the house.
  6. You might consider offering a prayer or blessing for the home.
  7. If furniture isn’t already in place, arrange it now. Bedsheets should be made on moving day.
  8. Place red packets filled with money and sweets on tabletops for good fortune.
  9. Upon settling in, you can bring a charcoal stove into the kitchen, boil water on it, and offer tea as a symbolic gesture of prosperity. Alternatively, you can prepare a simple meal on your house stove to mark the occasion.
  10. Consider hosting a housewarming reception to celebrate the new beginning.
    You can pick a good date and time to do so.

**To signify move-in, make sure the family members stay and sleep over for at least that night.

a. Don’t move house when there is a pregnant woman in the family, or at least the pregnant woman should not be at the scene on the day of moving.

b. Maintain positivity and avoid disputes on moving day.

c. After moving in, hosting a housewarming party with guests can bring positive energy to the home.

d. There is no need to move ‘everything’ in at the appointed date, other minor things can be moved in at a later time.

Space clearing/cleansing can be helpful in removing negative energies:

– Use a mixture of rice grains and salt or burn sage to cleanse the space.
– Move through each room, clearing negative energy.
– Leave the rice and salt overnight before clearing them away.

Note: These guidelines are not strict rules but customs that have evolved over time.

“Live every day purposefully and wisely. Be positive. You’ll find great joy and fulfillment in all you do.”

Be Blessed!

Founder & Principal Consultant
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