Feng Shui Site Selection

Site selection is an important first step to any property development if you want to tap into the land’s positive qi and determine its compatibility with you and its other occupants. A well-planned property layout and design right from the beginning is essential and will avoid any costly renovations or modifications later.

Practicing Feng Shui can harness positive qi areas and:

  • Determine whether a particular place or plot of land is compatible with you
  • Minimize any unnecessary modifications that may arise as a result of the site having negative Feng Shui

Answer: Classical Feng Shui practice holds location and direction as the two foremost aspects of a home. It is harder to make renovations to follow a Feng Shui audit when you have already chosen a property, so it’s best if you do Property Selection first before buying. For instance, the door, known in Feng Shui as the Qi Mouth, is highly significant as it affects how energies go into the house and how they are received. The location of the various rooms in the house like the kitchen and bedrooms need to also be considered. So, it is very important for you to do Property Selection before signing a cheque.

Answer: Yes, definitely. Even if you’re just renting a place out, the way the energies go into the house and the way they circulate and are received affect your life. You should maximize the rent you’re paying by ensuring that you’ll attract positive energies while you’re living there.

Answer: After you have shortlisted a set of properties that you like and is within your budget range, you can contact us to do property audits so that we can check what is the best property for you. Each audit has a corresponding fee.

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