What Is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a metaphysical science which aims to help an individual achieve life goals by harnessing the qi of his living environment. Developed more than 6000 years ago in China by ancient thinkers who studied the relationship between man and the world, the practice has been moulded by centuries of thought into a sophisticated science that has allowed millions of people to meet their potential in professional and personal life.

Feng Shui was originally known as ‘Kan Yu’, roughly translated as ‘the way of Heaven and Earth’. This describes the very foundation of Feng Shui: the assessment of qi as it flows in the natural elements and in man himself, and the actions of tapping into this energy for the well-being of the individual.

When applied by a trained and professional master, Feng Shui can positively impact all aspects of an individual’s life from relationships and careers, to finances and overall well-being!

Feng Shui also involves forecasting. This is not fortune-telling nor is it supernatural divination. Because qi is cyclical, a master can gauge outcomes of certain events and seasons by calculating the influence of qi on a particular person and environment, thereby helping the individual make informed decisions.

How Fengshui Works

  • Like modern science, ancient Chinese belief held that the universe worked in a knowable pattern. Studying these patterns, scholars devised a system of complex numerological codes which formed the foundation of most Chinese thought.
  • Authentic Feng Shui, or ‘Classical’ Feng Shui, is based on these codes and has two main systems: San He (3 Harmony) & San Yuan (3 Cycles). The relation between the environment and a person are not the same in various locations.
  • By taking into consideration elements of the surroundings, location, direction, time and an individual’s birth data, and calculating them accordingly, a master can make a precise analysis of the qi structure of an individual and his particular environment.
  • Qi flows and interacts differently for different individuals so for Feng Shui to work well for you, you need to get a personalised reading using a combination of these two systems.
  • The evaluation of Fengshui begins from the external environment to the design of the building. After that, you move towards the inside details. You have to focus on the details such as the position and direction of the doors, position of the stove and the direction of the beds. All these things can be used to improve your positive Qi. As a result, it will increase your wealth and boost your health.
  • Fengshui uses various techniques to manage and analyze the invisible energies and physical forms. This is to attract and preserve the positive energy at your home and workplace.
  • A good audit will be able to tell you where your positive and negative qi is flowing. The Feng Shui master will then be able to advise you how to take advantage of positive qi while avoiding and suppressing negative qi.
  • Feng Shui is not about interior design. Nor is it about putting ‘good luck’ objects around your home or workplace. A proficient master will use a combination of Classical Feng Shui techniques for an accurate audit.

Benefits of Fengshui

When we say a person is wealthy, we mean that they are rich. However, being wealthy is not only about money. It is about good health, quality of life and happiness. You can harness the power of Qi through Fengshui that will be beneficial for you. Here are some of the benefits you can get from Fengshui.

Enhance Work Performance

When you use Fengshui at your workplace, you can have an environment where you can easily concentrate. This will have a direct impact on your performance that will lead to increments and promotions.

Improving Your Health

Another benefit of Fengshui is that you can have good health. This does not mean that you won’t have to eat properly or exercise. This technique is mostly used for the sick or elderly. The Tian Yi (Health location) has an effect on your health.

Improve Quality of Life

One of the main benefits of Fengshui that it can improve the quality of life of your family. It is an easy way to maintain peace and harmony in your house. You can use it to make well-informed and better decisions. Through Fengshui, you can easily move forward with your life and live a happy life.

Developing Stronger Relations

With the help of Fengshui, you can improve your relationships, from family ties to friends to work relations to marriage. When you develop good work relations, your chances of getting a promotion might increase.
An easy way to harness the energy is by paying attention to the layout. The lack of windows in your living room can have a negative impact on your relationships.

Increase Motivation

This might come as a surprise, with Fengshui, you can increase your energy level and motivation. This will help you perform better at your work. You will be able to concentrate better and have higher levels of energy, you can put in the extra effort. As a result, it will improve your chances of getting salary increments.

Trinity of Luck

The Trinity of luck is the idea from which Fengshui has emerged. There are 3 types of lucks that have an equal impact on your life; Heaven, Earth, and Man Luck. It is believed that each luck has a 33.33% influence in your life.

Heaven Luck

The first type of luck is Heaven luck. This is the luck that we are born with and cannot alter or change it. Heaven Luck is created before you have the capability to make rational decisions. We don’t have control over this type of luck.

Man Luck

Another type of luck is the Man Luck, it is linked to your actions and achievements. This luck depends on your hard work, birth structure, attitude, upbringing, and luck. With the Fengshui, you can improve these things.

This luck is created from our thoughts. A great way to deal with it is by having a positive attitude in your life. Man luck contains religious, cultural beliefs, and our willingness to help others. This luck is extremely powerful and there are no restrictions.

However, we are responsible for changing our destiny. You can improve your attitude, communication skills, education, goals, personal efforts, and various elements through Fengshui.

Are you looking for an easy way to turn your life around? Well, there is no such an easy way that will do it for you. To change your life, you need to be persistent, disciplined and hardworking.

Earth Luck

The earth luck is determined by the connection between man and the earth. This luck is related to our locations and our surroundings. In order to enhance the environment, you can use Fengshui. It will help you harness the power of good energy and prevent bad energy. As a result, it will help you accomplish your passion and goals. With the precise Qi reading, you can use it for enhancing the elements of Heaven Luck. Feng Shui is not a miracle cure, what it can do is make you healthy. So, you can work hard to achieve your goals.

Thus, there are many ways in Fengshui that will help you improve your life. However, to make a difference you need to work hard.

Cosmic Trinity Luck

The cosmic trinity luck can be divided into 3 parts that will help you understand it better. The 3 parts are your effort, annual luck, and 10 years luck pillar. For instance, you work hard at your job. This will increase your chances of getting a promotion. It can be due to the 10-year luck pillar. Therefore, it is evident that the trilogy of luck is dependent on each other.
Through the Bazi structure, you can know what liabilities and assets you have for your 10-year luck pillar. While the annual luck will let you know when it will happen. When you know your future, you can stay attentive. This helps you in preparing for the twists and problems. So, Feng Shui tips can be your weapon to combat adverse situations. As a human, you can’t change your future, but you can be more prepared for it.

Changing Your Destiny

Looking at your future is not easy especially when your future looks bad. Fortunately, most of the people who have looked at their future were ready to change themselves. When you change your attitude, you can change everything.

The first thing that you need to understand is your strengths and weaknesses. With the help of a Bazi reading, you can be aware of your weaknesses and strengths. You will have to accept what you can do and what you can’t do. You will have to try to increase your capabilities by learning and polishing your skills. You will have to change the way you look at life.
Hence, in life, there are hundreds of uncertain things. We are here to help you be prepared for the difficult times. By bringing a change in yourself, Fengshui and Bazi reading, you can be well prepared. There is no point in knowing your future when you are not ready to change yourself. There is only one person who changes your destiny and that’s you.

Therefore, the concept of Fengshui is not about interior design or about the placement of good luck objects. This is about the positioning and designing your house in a way that will activate and trap the positive energies. Along with this, it must minimize the negative energy. The Fengshui business or home develops positive energies that help you in thinking clearly. It is useful for getting a balance and peace in your life. So, Fengshui is about achieving an equilibrium between both energies. Fengshui masters will use the various techniques of Fengshui to provide an accurate audit.