About Adelina Pang – Feng Shui Master in Singapore

ADELINA PANG is one of Singapore’s most highly recommended Feng Shui masters, with an active and respected presence in the field since 1995. As one of the brightest and most talented masters in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, her expert application of authentic Feng Shui has been invaluable to countless organisations and businesses in Singapore – from mega entertainment complexes and hotels, to football clubs and private homes. As a Feng Shui consultant in Singapore, her clientele includes prominent entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as celebrities and even royalty in Singapore and beyond. Her no-nonsense professionalism in her job has established her as a respected figure worldwide. Additionally, her satisfied customers have praised her warmth, sense of humour and humility.

Renowned Feng Shui Master for Businesses in Singapore

Discovering the Power of Qi

The Feng Shui Master discovered her passion for Chinese Metaphysics as a mother who was searching for alternative means to improve her daughter’s health. Determined and curious, she ventured deeper into the “energy harnessing” methods of Feng Shui by studying under several renowned Feng Shui masters in Singapore and across Asia. Since completing her training, Adelina continues to learn and grow, bringing positive changes to her customers’ lives with her brand of authentic Feng Shui mastery, which goes back to original concepts of positive and negative Qi (氣).

Beyond Geomancy: Teaching and Empowering

Adelina has come a long way since beginning her professional career. Moving beyond the conventions of a geomancer, she believes that the art and science of Feng Shui should be shared and propagated, and she prides herself on the basis of spreading positive energy to her community. She teaches the art of Feng Shui extensively and strives to be of service to others, empowering them to embrace energy and Qi in their way of life.

Contributions to Feng Shui Literature and Media

Adelina contributes her extensive knowledge in Feng Shui to editorials and interviews by invitation from TV channels, magazines, newspapers, private organisations, and commercial social media. She also offers online Feng Shui consulting for clients in Singapore and overseas.

Adelina’s other accomplishments include producing a VCD entitled “Authentic Feng Shui for Modern Living” and she is the celebrated author of the book “Classical Feng Shui for Today’s Homes.”

An International Speaker and Advisor

In addition, Adelina was a founding Committee Member of the International Feng Shui Association and panel speaker in 2004 and 2005. She continues to travel and speak widely on the topic of authentic Feng Shui to disseminate the knowledge she has mastered from many years of learning, understanding, and practising Feng Shui.

Moreover, she has participated as a professional advisor for a documentary on Feng Shui by Nanyang Technological University.

As a highly recommended Feng Shui Master for businesses, Adelina continues to lend her Feng Shui services to clients of all profiles and speaks widely on the topic of authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2007 Honouree

The Spirit of Enterprise Award is an annual award that recognises the entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium businesses. From over 150 nominees, only 42 have been selected and honoured in 2007. The 42 Honourees represent the cream of the crop of entrepreneurs who have shown resilience and tenacity in building up their respective business. Adelina was humbled to have had the honour of being recognised for her entrepreneurial experience.

Adelina has attracted wide media coverage with her geomancy and has appeared on BBC News, Channel News Asia, MediaCorp 5, International Zee TV Channel as well as several leading newspapers including Business Times, Straits Times, Shin Min Daily and Lian He Wan Bao.

In addition, she has participated as a professional advisor for a documentary on Feng Shui by the Nanyang Technological University.

High Profile Feng Shui Consultations

Our high profile clientele in Singapore and abroad includes senior corporate executives, prominent business leaders, professionals and other well-known public figures, both local and foreign.

Our professional code of conduct ensures that we undertake engagements in a discreet manner, with utmost respect for client confidentiality.



Adelina gained international coverage through a feature in Channel News Asia, where she spoke on how Feng Shui can be subtly incorporated into the interior design of her own home. This celebrated Feng Shui master in Singapore has also shared her skills beyond transnational borders.

Apart from the numerous media appearances, international TV Channel, Zee TV, also invited Adelina to the talk show ‘Open Mind’ where she discussed the Art of Placement.

Adelina’s skills and expertise have gained recognition from several platforms and media publications in Singapore. These include:

  • Voted “Singapore’s 50 Most Powerful Women” by Her World magazine
  • Recipient of Spirit of Enterprise 2007 Honouree Award
  • Recipient of 2014 Asia Pacific Women of Substance Award
  • Producer and host of short documentary Authentic Feng Shui for Modern Living
  • Author of Classical Feng Shui for Today’s Homes
  • Founding Committee Member of the International Feng Shui Association and panel speaker (2004- 2005)
  • Appearances in BBC News, Channel News Asia, MediaCorp 5, Zee TV Channel
  • Appearances in leading newspapers including Business Times, Straits Times, Shin Min Daily and Lian He Wan Bao
  • Professional advisor for a Nanyang Technological University Feng Shui documentary

Adelina Pang’s profound influence on Feng Shui extends well beyond her media features, embodying the essence of traditional wisdom in modern contexts. Her insightful commentary and respected presence have fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of Feng Shui’s impact on both personal and professional environments.

As Adelina continues to demystify this ancient practice, she remains a beacon of knowledge, guiding a diverse clientele towards harmonious living and business success. Her dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence positions her not just as a highly recommended Feng Shui master in Singapore, but also as a distinguished figure in the global community, perpetuating the legacy of Feng Shui masters before her.

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