Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

Whether it’s commercial or residential, you can harness your property’s positive qi areas through classical Feng Shui.

Even from overseas, Feng Shui master Adelina Pang can help you harmonise your surroundings for health and prosperity, whether you’re Singaporean, English or any nationality. People of all cultures and creeds can benefit from utilising Feng Shui principles in their home or workplace.
When you sign up for a full Feng Shui audit of a residential or commercial overseas property located outside of Singaporean lands by principal consultant Adelina Pang, you will receive:

  • A thorough professional Feng Shui site survey & advise on overall layout plans conducted personally by Principal Consultant, Adelina Pang
  • Analysis of client birth data and construction of natal chart
  • Analysis of property interior
  • Recommendations of favourable directions and locations
  • Recommendations of changes that need to be made
  • Recommendations of favourable dates and times to undertake changes
  • Review of plans after changes have been made
  • Summary report of completed audit

When clients engage principal consultant Adelina Pang to personally conduct an overseas audit on Feng Shui for properties outside Singaporean territory, all travel and accommodation expenses are to be taken care of by the client. Adelina is also available for phone meetings and email consultations for overseas clients, but as with in-person overseas meetings all phone bills must be fulfilled by the client.

Achieve balance, compatibility and more with the masterful guidance of Adelina Pang. Direct the flow of qi in your space with expert consultation, then see the boost in the vitality and wellbeing levels of all who enter. To find out more about the workings and benefits of Feng Shui, visit this page for additional information.

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