Move-In Procedure for Business

  1. Select an auspicious date and time for the move-in.
  2. Prior to the move-in, ensure all windows, air conditioning vents, computers, and lights are turned off.
  3. Cover the business banner with a red cloth.
  4. At the designated auspicious time, the boss will ignite charcoal until it glows red hot, symbolizing prosperity for the business.
  5. Place the charcoal stove in the center of the main door and have the boss walk over it first, followed by the staff.
  6. Open the door and remove the red cloth from the banner.
  7. Switch on all utilities such as electricity, lights, air conditioning, and computers.
  8. Consider organizing an opening cocktail or buffet reception to celebrate the occasion and attract good fortune. Additionally, you may want to arrange for a Lion Dance to usher in good luck. This can be scheduled for another auspicious day and time.

Note: These guidelines are not strict rules but customs that have evolved over time.
Feel free to adapt them as needed for your business move-in.

Be Blessed!

Founder & Principal Consultant
Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd