Strongly recommend couples & families looking for a new home to consult Adelina before even buying their properties. Ensure good fengshui throughout their abode.
Alywinn Khoo
No one can tell if Feng Shui works for them till they experience the change and help in their lives. Adelina has done that. Not only she help change the Feng Shui in my house, it has also changed our lives. Thank you again for bringing this change. Thank you is so simple but it means so much…
Angelina Chia
We hired Adelina’s service on 12 April to improve things in our family. She was very open & friendly & most important very professional. We applied whatever instruction she has instructed us to do. Wow we could see improvement especially for my son. She pointed one area which is ideal area for my son to study and we got him to always study in that particular area. Guess what? Results speak louder than words. We can see that he is now more focused and able to concentrate for a long period of time. The joy for us is to see him achieve good and improved grades in his recent school exam. Besides that, there is now more harmony in the family. We are just grateful that we have got the right Feng Shui master. What we like about her is she does not force sell and that made us very comfortable with her. Thank you onace again for improving our lives.
GS Soon
Thanks to you our wonderful Feng Shui master who has helped our business grow as a result of good Feng Shui.
Jason Tan
Call it pure coincidence. My fever went off 4am this morning after 4 days of on and off fever. Didn’t hear Emmy cough today after a month of non-stop coughing and my son looked fresher! Wow! I am speechless. Thanks so much.
Mike Koh
A very professional, humorous and approachable geomancy consultant. Highly recommended. Thanks for being so helpful in assisting my client in sourcing her ideal office.
Patrick Low
I will like to show my gratitude to you as things had really gone smoothly after engaging you and now I had been offered a job from head the property investment section.
Got my diploma. Can’t imagine I will make it and go to university.
I have hired Adelina’s Feng Shui services since I moved into my new home at Bukit Batok. She had my home Feng Shui planned well. Everything went smoothly for my family. Hubby’s career soared and I had 2 more pregnancies. Makes me have a total of 5 kids! SHould I need another Feng Shui advice, I will definitely go to Adelina.
Wendy Chui
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