House Gua Calculator
The Eight Mansions system calculates your house gua to identify auspicious directions within your own home.
You can calculate your house gua following these simple steps:
  1. Identify your ‘house sitting’ direction.
    • Stand with your back to the front of your house. The direction you are facing is your ‘house face’ direction.
    • Your ‘house sitting’ direction is opposite of your ‘house face’ direction.
  2. Using the Luo Shu chart below, match your ‘house sitting’ direction with its corresponding number.
Luo Shu Chart
For example, if your ‘house sitting’ direction is South, then your house gua is 9 (Li Gua).
If your ‘house sitting’ direction is Southwest, then your house gua is 2 (Kun Gua).
Stove Fire Mouth
Fire Mouth Once you identify the good locations of your house, you can go on to position your main door, bedrooms and other important rooms i.e. the study, dining or living there. It is important to note, HOWEVER, that the kitchen is to be in the BAD sector to suppress negative qi, BUT the ‘fire mouth’ (stove control knobs) to face your favourable direction (based on your life gua).Combine your house gua and your life gua to determine your auspicious directions in your own home.